Will America's Tolerance for Gas Guzzlers Remain Forever?

Reposted from today's CommuterPageBlog:
The answer is, eventually no, according to Stein Leikanger writing in an editorial today (Congestion Charging at The Energy Lean Buffet, April 26, 2007) on The Truth About Cars blog. Specifically he says "Whether it takes a cataclysmic economic shock, or a gradual increase in gasoline prices, or environmental concern/lobbying, the U.S. will eventually move more in line with the European model and begin adopting European 'energy lean' solutions." According to Leikanger that means more fuel efficient transport. He cites the fact that Warren Buffett is moving his money to trains, green energy alternatives and electronic cars as a harbinger of things to come.

The author discusses London considering an "emissions influenced charging" to it's current Congestion Zone pricing, meaning that gas guzzlers would pay more to get into the City than other vehicles and other European cities that are considering emissions-based road pricing. Leikanger's point is that if you want to see our future, look across the Atlantic to Europe, where he says they are a decade ahead of the U.S.

All very interesting stuff and worth the read.

Chris Hamilton is the Commuter Services Chief for Arlington County, manager of CommuterPageBlog and a biking/Metro commuter from Rosemont in Alexandria.

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