News Update

I obviously haven't done this in awhile. And the formatting will be off since I'm at my in-laws. But since the paperwork has been done, I can officially report on my life without jinxing it.

A week from this coming Monday (June 27th, to be precise) I will be starting my new job at AOL as a systems administrator. Bit of a commute, especially since I have to drive the whole way, but the work sounds exciting and I really like Nathaniel, my new direct boss. Plus, I'm going to be making the same salary as my previous place of employment.

So, what else has been occupying my time. Battlefield2 demo is out, and I've been spending enough time with it that my already meager Counter Strike skills have atrophied. Full game comes out next week, I believe the 22nd.

My mother-in-law has had a recurrence of her recent kidney cancer (the central reason for this week's visit) so please all keep her in your prayers. Yes, you, one of maybe three people that have ever read my blog. Captivating as it may be.

And Friday we're going to King's Dominion with the kids. Should be eventful, to say the least... LOL

That's all for now. Cheers!