Philly Day 2

OK, day 2 was an improvement. MY FEET ARE KILLING ME! We walked all over Independence National Park, which includes the PA state house, better known as Independence Hall, Congressional Hall, the outbuildings included in Independence Square, the Visitor's Center, The Liberty Bell Center, Franklin court (where his house used to be and museum), the Graff House where the Declaration was written, and 6 blocks to this really cool market to get a Philly cheese steak where they started from. All in all a LONG day, but really cool.

It's amazing to stand where Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams, John Hancock and more stood. To know that this is where our country really began, and that it wasn't set in stone, or already figured out. They were trying something untested- living by the will of the people and free elections. Philosophy from John Locke and the like put in to place for us to have a different kind of life, rights, and no king. The kids don't get how important all of this was, but I hope that some day they will. I'll hope they will understand how special it is and how lucky we are to live here and still live by that same constitution over 200 years later.

We actually had a real Philly cheese steak, which was pretty good. The market was cool, too. It reminds me of the one at Boston, though. That one was more fun for some reason. Oh well. Still really neat, and tomorrow we see Valley Forge and Washington Crossing Park before moving on to Baltimore. More familiar territory. Should have planned another day or so here though. So much to see! The kids are making us crazy and I don't think we could have taken it. Ate at this great restaurant called Bahama Breeze. Felt like we were in the Carribean and the food was amazing. Carrie got mac n cheese as ALWAYS, but Oh My Goodness, it was the best stuff any of us have ever had, and I would say I'm a connoisseur of it! I had almond crusted talapia in lemon butter sauce. YUM...

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