Philly Day 3.1

George Washington's Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge was truly awe-inspiring. I went up first as the girls were involved in their movie and Donna's feet were sore. Just out of nowhere, this towering Gothic belfry loomed, and inside was a scene of such peace and tranquility, I just had to go back (after numerous snapshots) ans get the rest of the family inside.
Now it's not a large chapel by any means - you'd be lucky to get 40-50 people inside. But the sheer magnitude of detail and painstaking effort that went into the intricate woodwork of the banisters and organ, and the majestic tapestry of colors of the stained glass windows, simply took my breath away. Really, it did make the whole day worth it. I cannot more highly recommend a stop at this place if you go anywhere near Philly. And I did appreciate the historical and military aspects of Valley Forge Park as a whole, but the Chapel was the crowning event. I'm so glad the gent at the visitor center recommended we stop there.

So yes, we're in Bal'mer now. Decided to stick it out, as we'd just lose the money anyways cancelling this late (one of the drawbacks of using Expedia). The girls seemed to fall asleep with less effort and fuss tonight, factoring in their own exhaustion and sickness, as well as the more comfortable and roomy beds (queens vs. doubles). So maybe we'll have a better day tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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Mom said...

I've enjoyed your blogs about your travel.FYI, The company in England would gladly exchange our Liberty bell for a new, uncracked one. We would have to pay the postage and we must send the bell back in it's original casings that it was originally packed in. Since we threw those out hundreds of years ago, we're stuck with the bell with the crack in it. Brian, isn't Boston traffic worse than Philly's????
Love to you all
Have a great time