This seriously rocks...

Slashdot story on Water-Cooled Half-Life 2 Case Mod.

In an enormous from scratch project, piloux has recreated the HL feel in his LAN PC. This UV reactive watercooled case features 7 fans along side the meticulously texture painted contents. Take a look at the finished product images.


Well, I'm back.

It's been a long time since I could do anything with the site, but after moving and finally getting DSL (Yay Verizon!) I can get back on track now... Still have to get the network up and running, wire up the basement first... ugh, I need to take a month off just to get everything done... and I keep hurting myself (latest are a strained back muscle and puncture wound in my hand from a wood drill bit). Which needs to stop. No, really.

Open Source Hotspots

From SlashDot.org:
"Not that long ago it was a serious pain to get an 802.11b card to work on a Linux machine... Wi-Fi Planet has a story where they do an overview of a wad of open source Wi-Fi projects....standard Linux routing is enough to create your own access point, with a few other tools like Public IP's Zone CD or the Less Networks Hotspot server, you can freely create a hotspot and manage it all in minutes. I guess all this means that both Wi-Fi and open source are literally 'everywhere'."