New Gaming Rig

OK, so here's the photo shoot for my new gaming rig, as described in the previous post below.

Here's the parts as they came in, many boxes all filled with wondrous toys.


CrazyHarry in all its glory

Side view with flash; I've done some serious cable management since this pic, looks much better now.

Side view with no flash; pretty lights!!

I love the look of the Muskateer dials, such a prety glow...

File server (Scooter) has a new home in a Compaq Workstation with a Xeon733MHz processor, with Antec HDD enclosures for the dual 160GB drives in RAID1.

Makes a nice speaker stand as well. ;-)

My setup as it is now, from right to left: workstation (FozzieBear, old gaming rig), new gaming computer (CrazyHarry), and app/game server (Zoot).

Better view, you can see the old Dell on the floor, might become a Linux workstation.

THX baby! These Z-5300e speakers ROCK!!!

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I want it. ;_;